Lyman Whitaker’s Wind Sculptures as a Memorial for Your Loved One


Lyman Whitaker’s Wind Sculptures as a Memorial for Your Loved One

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It was the death of my daughter’s friend that brought me to Leopold Gallery over 2 years ago. Haley was only nineteen years old when she passed away in the night. How isn’t important. What’s important is how Haley carries on and influences our daily lives.
Before my time at Leopold, I spent years working at the Kansas City Hospice House. It was there that I first discovered the Lyman Whitaker wind sculptures that were scattered in the outdoor gardens areas.  I witnessed firsthand how these kinetic works of art brought peace, comfort, and healing to those grieving.  The copper sculptures, crafted by Lyman Whitaker, are designed to inspire, mesmerize and provide comfort. I was astounded to see how much a work of art could soothe the grieving.

When Haley passed, I knew a wind sculpture would make a perfect gift to honor her life.  I came to Leopold Gallery to have one of Lyman’s wind sculptures installed in the family garden as a memorial to Haley.  Together with a small group of friends, we purchased the Guardian Angel sculpture.  I instantly fell in love with the environment and the culture of the gallery, two weeks later I applied for a job. The rest is history.

I firmly believe that Haley helped lead me to my career at Leopold. I wish I could thank her, because it has been an amazing experience. I am grateful each day to come to work, surrounded by exquisite art and creative energy.
Although I’m surrounded and inspired daily by the incredible talent of the artists we represent, Lyman Whitaker’s Wind Art will always hold a special place in my heart. His work is truly remarkable, and when I see them move in the wind, I am put at ease.
How to best honor a loved one? How best to remember them? The truth is, they are always with us in some capacity. Regardless of what you believe, a lost loved one is as much a part of you as your own heart. They will endure.
This is why we offer Lyman Whitaker’s Gifts of Remembrance.  They are lasting memorials that promote tranquility and peace of mind for those in mourning. Moreover, they are a lasting gift and tribute. They are an emblem to cherish the memory of a loved one for as long as the wind blows.
I firmly believe that art can heal the soul, the mind, maybe even the body. I’ve witnessed this firsthand.
Stop by our gallery so I can show you my personal favorites, or check out our Gifts of Remembrance collection here.
— Allison Fisher, Gallery Director

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