Lyman Whitaker Biography

Lyman Whitaker has been sculpting since the 1970s, dedicating much of his time to the creation of kinetic art. He has become the most recognized artist in the creation of wind sculptures in his generation. Collectors include Sea World, the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Naples Art Association, the Hill-Stead Museum of French Impressionism, and private collectors throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

Lyman’s wind sculptures reflect an organic theme. In fact his strongest wish is to have his art encourage civilization to create a more harmonious relationship with the earth. Each work is made of copper and stainless steel, is designed to last for generations, and has been tested to withstand 90 MPH winds.

Lyman’s works are often grouped in Wind Forests, but can be just as powerful as solitary installations. They are as soothing as they are unique, are simple to install, are designed to be left out year-round, and require almost no maintenance. His work is carried by galleries in Santa Fe, Sedona, Kennebunkport, and by Leopold.