It's Time to Begin Planning for Spring. Enhance Your Yard with a Mesmerizing Work of Kinetic Art. Order Now to Receive on Time. 


Want to Know How the Sculptures Will Look in Your Yard? 

Please Contact Us. We'll Create a Mock-up for You. 

What is the actual height of each sculpture? 


The height listed on the website and price sheets is the total above-ground height. It doesn't reflect the portion of the shaft that is buried underground. Thus if you are looking at a Double Helix Horizontal Medium, the height listed at 6'7" is the finished height after installation is complete.

What kind of patina is applied to the copper sculptures? 


A light blue-green patina is applied in the studio so that the transition to a natural verdigris patina is graceful and barely noticeable.  

What wind velocity are the sculptures able to endure? 


All sculptures are designed to withstand 90 MPH winds. 

Is the installation process difficult?


Not at all. Each sculpture comes with simple but comprehensive instructions and we'll help you if needed. Most sculptures can be installed within 30 minutes. 

How do I know if I'm acquiring the right size for my yard? 


Simple. We'll guide you through the process over the phone or create photographic mockups for you, utilizing photos of your outdoor space that you send us. That removes the guesswork. 

Can you help me choose the right design?


Of course, we're happy to help. Those decisions will be made via mockups, and your own design preferences. We never fail in guiding that process. 

Do the stainless steel sculptures acquire a patina over time? 


No, Whitaker Studio uses high-grade 316 stainless steel that does not rust or fade in most circumstances. 

How long will my Wind Sculpture last? 


For generations. 

How do the wind sculptures spin?


Each sculpture spins on a sealed stainless steel bearing that does not require additional lubrication. The bearings last an average of 15 years, are easy to replace, and can be easily purchased online. They're cheap to buy too.

How do I maintain my sculpture? 


There is no maintenance apart from repainting the gray shaft every few years, and replacing the bearing or bearings every 15 years--a simple process. 

Do the Wind Sculptures come with a guarantee?


Yes indeed. They are covered by a comprehensive three-year warranty, but don't worry when that expires. You'll still own the piece for decades. Curious about commerical warranties? Contact us directly for more information. 

Can I leave the sculpture out in winter? 


By all means. The sculptures are designed to stay out year-round in all climates. 

How are the sculptures shipped? 


After being carefully crated the sculptures are shipped via FedEx or Old Dominion Freight Lines, depending on the size and quantity. International shipments are shipped via ocean freight. If you'd like an international shipping quote, just reach out to us. 

If you've additional questions please let us know: 816.333.3111 / 

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Since 1991. Inspire your world, become a Leopold insider. Sign up for our newsletter today!

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