We hope it’s been a good year for you. We’ve certainly been fortunate and are quite grateful for that. The gallery is full of new art, the dogs are spoiled, and we're handing out free wine left and right. Please drop in, even if only online. The usual discounts apply to established clients. And if you’re a new client, no worries; we’ll work something out.

Some of the artists whose work you might dig: Jerry Moon, Phil Epp, Vanessa Lacy, Chandra Beadleston, Lyman Whitaker, Tyler Kimball, Louis Copt, Gary Bowling.

Lyman Whitaker installation, Los Angeles. Prices for his sculptures begin at 425.

Ceramic vase by Tina Riesterer. Prices begin at 300.

Jerry Moon installation, Kansas City.

Shuttlecock by Tyler Kimball, brilliantly rendered in blown glass.

Vanessa Lacy, oil on panel, palette knife. She has works in a variety of sizes and prices starting at 700. This little masterpiece depicts the Broadway Bridge early on a Summer morning.

Millie, Stella and Zeke--our Ambassadors of Joy. They're not for sale, unless you offer us a really good price.

Yellow Bison. Ceramic sculpture by Brian Horsch, 450.

MJ Rigby installation, Kansas City.

Chandra Beadleston, Ceramic Bag. Prices begin at 75.

Louis Copt in his studio. This brilliant dude is a living whose renown grows by year. Prices begin at 1800.

Sunnies, by Susan Geiger. Acrylic on canvas, 1200.

William Lobdell, mixed media, forced-perspective. Brilliant interpretation Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Gary Bowling installation, oil on canvas, Kansas City. This legendary painter is in the collections of the Mayo Clinic, the American Embassy system, and with private collectors across the country. He is without doubt the best Impressionist we have ever carried.

Lyman Whitaker installation, Santa Maria, CA. This massive kinetic sculpture, in copper and steel, is 25'H. Of course most of us collect works that are quite a bit smaller, but we thought you would dig this photo.

Near Blanco, NM. Oil on canvas by Michael Duane, 2400.




Leopold Gallery is a nationally-ranked art gallery with over 10,000 clients worldwide. We’re also premiere art advisors. The art at H&R Block Headquarters, University of Kansas Hospital, and the National Soccer Hall of Fame reflects our innovative approach. Whether we’re assisting beginning collectors, or consulting on projects like the Arrowhead Stadium, we strive to exceed expectations.


Leopold’s professionalism, vision and sense of innovation helped make Arrowhead Stadium’s Art Collection the national success that it is. 

Clark Hunt, Owner, Kansas City Chiefs


The installations by Leopold Gallery and Lyman Whitaker transformed the grounds of two of our Coronado Springs Resorts, fascinating and soothing millions of visitors. They are a joy to work with. Disney World, Orlando, FL


We needed powerful and timeless statues for our memorial, and that’s exactly what Leopold and the sculptor Jim Brothers delivered. 

National D-Day Memorial, Bedford, VA


Leopold expertly oversaw commissioned paintings for my Los Angeles home as well as my home in Seattle. Their passion is equaled only by their integrity.  David Billings, Los Angeles, CA

Since 1991. Inspire your world, become a Leopold insider.


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Since 1991. Inspire your world, become a Leopold insider. Sign up for our newsletter today!

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