This past year the Leopold Gallery and Lyman Whitaker partnered up to bring a captivating display of Wind Sculptures to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. It was during the design process for this display that Lyman decided to created an XL Nebula Wind Sculpture. Typically, the Nebula design is only available in one size, with the height measuring 6\’9\” and width at 2\’2\”. However, due to the vast amount of space at the Dallas Arboretum, Lyman thought a larger Nebula would be necessary to fill the visual space. Thus the XL Nebula was created. As seen in the image below, the XL Nebula was featured on the Path to the Children\’s Adventure Garden, surround by his Desert Flame design.


With the popularity of the XL Nebula skyrocketing, and countless clients asking for this larger size, Lyman decided to add this sculpture as part of his Wind Sculpture collection. The XL Nebula height is 9\’0\” and width is 3\’6\”. With this size increase, the visual optics of this stunning piece are accentuated.


Lyman Whitaker\’s ability to modify the scale of his work truly shows how he is able to evolve as an artist. Without sacrificing his artistic vision, he is able to provide these mesmerizing kinetic sculptures to his collectors and provide them with a strong sense of tranquility as well as a deep connection to the Earth. 

Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a touch of beauty and tranquility to their outdoor space. With their high-quality materials, careful design, and low-maintenance requirements, these sculptures are well equipped to withstand rain, snow and colder weather and will continue to captivate and enchant for many years to come.


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Learn more about the artist, Lyman Whitaker, HERE.

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