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Vanessa Lacy


Vanessa Lacy is a wonderful artist. She paints full-time in the historic Kansas City Livestock Exchange Building, where she has maintained a studio since 2009. Her work is in the collections of the University of Kansas Health System, Crossfirst Bank, and more. 

Tyler Kimball


Tyler Kimball has been working with glass as his main medium since 1999. He has lived and worked as a glass artist in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Currently Kimball owns and operates Monarch Glass Studio in the historic 18th and Vine district of Kansas City, Missouri. He is always pushing the limits of color, pattern and shape. Kimball's work has been added to many collections throughout the country, including private collections of the Kempers and Soslands, as well as the permanent collections of Salem State University, Columbus College of Art and Design, Crossfirst Bank, Church of the Resurrection, and many more. 

Chandra Beadleston


Chandra Beadleston is a Midwest born ceramic artist and art educator based in Kansas City whose work has been in both national and international exhibitions, including the International Orton Cone Box Show. Her work explores the overlaps of clay with fabric and paper, using thin porcelain slabs covered in decorative layers of underglaze. Her recent series of 'decorative paper bags' transforms useful, pedestrian items into permanent pieces. 

Lyman Whitaker


Lyman Whitaker's work makes for incredible gifts. Prices start at 425, so there's something for every budget. He's been a practicing sculptor for over 50 years. As a master in the kinetic sculpture discipline, his work is know around the world. 

Jerry Moon


Jerry Moon has been with the gallery for almost 20 years, and his work has evolved a lot since he joined us. Here you'll see a recent series he's worked on, inspired by waves hitting the shore. The sheer number of strokes spent creating the work is evident from the colors emerging beneath the uppermost hatch marks. On average, there are 25 to 30 layers of color, and every color he uses can be seen somewhere on the painting. It creates a scintillating sense of motion, an almost Brownian movement, urging the eye to rove and explore. Jerry’s collectors include H&R Block, Hallmark, Seigfreid Bingham, BKD, Kansas State University, the Overland Park Convention Center, Federal Home Loan Bank, UMB, and private collectors throughout the Midwest.

Susan Geiger


Susan Geiger is a Kansas Native working in acrylic paint, charcoal, and chalk on canvas. She spend 20 years as a graphic designer before transitioning to painting. Geiger's work combines a deep love of rural, Midwestern scenes with a designer's modern and graphic aesthetic. She's inspired by fresh air, the light and color in nature, and simple, bold compositions. 

Mark Cook


Mark Cook grew up along the banks of the Mississippi River where Iowa meets Illinois. He explored and immersed himself in the fields, farms, creeks, lakes, ponds and woods around his childhood home. The textures of nature, worn sheds, barns and outbuildings always appealed to him, but his goal was not just to paint what he saw but to also transfer the feeling of warm sunlight, wind and the weathered world. Painting reminds him of his past and helps him appreciate the present. Whether his paintings are of a specific location or based on collective memory, viewers find themselves moved by his landscapes, often feeling that they have been to that place or want to go there.

William Rose


William Rose is a figurative/portrait artist who works primarily in oil, and has attracted a significant national folllowing of corporate, institutional and private collectors. They include the Kansas City Royals, Texas A&M, Kansas State University, H&R Block, the Stowers Institute, the Archer Foundation, Clint Eastwood, the Tullman Collection in Chicago, and many other private collectors across the country. In 2016 Rose was commissioned by the Kansas City Royals to paint the celebrated mural for Kauffman Stadium, 'Forever Royal' commemorating the 2015 World Series Championship. He's since created works for the Kansas City Chiefs, and the University of Kansas Jayhawks, honoring and celebrating their recent wins. 




Nothing says "I love you" or "Happy holidays" like a fine piece of art. Something to keep in mind this season. 

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