Meet the Artist Series: MJ Rigby


Meet the Artist Series: MJ Rigby

Welcome to our latest blog series, “Meet the Artist.” Over the next few months, I will be sharing our artist’s responses to various questions, including most asked questions by our clients. 

So sit back, wait out this virus, and enjoy some much needed entertainment, at least for the next few minutes.

The first artist in our series is MJ Rigby. He has been one of our represented artists for many years. His work has been collected by both corporate and private collectors across the country, including the Olathe Public Library, BKD LLP, the University of Kansas Hospital, the Superior Bowen Headquarters, and many more.

MJ Rigby was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1965, to parents with an affinity for art in all forms. MJ was influenced by all of the travel he experienced with his family and teams throughout his childhood and spent many long hours creating forms by building, destroying, and drawing. While studying in France, MJ was mentored by Gallerist Peter Merwin.

MJ always wanted to be an artist. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Houston. He then studied at the University of Colorado for his Master of Architecture. After working in architecture for a few years, he realized he preferred painting. 

MJ describes his work as, “…my kind of journal, I paint the significant life experiences.” One of these experiences includes his two sons, which were the inspiration and methodology of the University of Kansas Installation. 

MJ’s art is a contradiction to the traditional forms of architecture. The various shapes and colors instead represent a memory of a specific place and time. The result of this process is based on his own memory which allows the media to evolve as it is created. This also creates a freedom in his work that is not available in the more traditional forms of architecture. 

Viewers' interpretation of MJ’s work varies, as it is his intent. While his work creates his own visual language, the viewers can imagine their own, based on their personal experiences, when viewing his art.

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Thanks for reading our Meet the Artist Series: MJ Rigby. We will be following up with another artist soon. 

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