Meet the Artist Series: Jenny Kruger


Meet the Artist Series: Jenny Kruger

Welcome to another Meet the Artist Series blog post, brought to you by the Coronavirus. We may all be stuck inside, but at least there is plenty of life on the internet. So grab a cup of tea and enjoy the next few minutes before you head back to staring longingly out of your window.

Jenny Kruger is one of our most recent artists we have added to the gallery. Jenny was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, until the age of 7. Then she moved to Mexico for a year with her aunt, so that she could experience her family’s cultural heritage and learn Spanish. Upon her return to the states, her family decided to move onto a 39′ sailboat and traveled throughout the Eastern United States, Mexico, and the Bahamas. This nomadic lifestyle exposed Jenny to many different cultures.

Jenny spent the last two years of high school at Interlochen Arts Academy, where passion for the arts is emphasized and students come to study from all over the world. She continued her studies at Washington University with a B.F.A. in Painting. After moving to Nebraska in 2013, Jenny recently completed her Ph.D. in Leadership from the University of the Cumberlands. While working on her Ph.D. Jenny was busy raising two boys and working as a full-time academic dean.

To Jenny, “Moving to Nebraska …has been a significant life experience. I had lived in several states and countries prior, and none of them looked like Nebraska. The landscape was entirely foreign to me. That foreign quality is what inspired me to begin painting landscapes.” Jenny’s style can be most easily classified as contemporary surrealism. Her work, which captures her surroundings, also encapsulates her enthusiasm for patterning. Her intricate details are painted painstakingly by hand, with India Ink. The dreamlike quality of her work creates an ephemeral feeling.

One of Jenny’s collectors includes Arrowhead Stadium. When asked how she personalizes commissions for clients, she responded, “I listen. Ultimately it is the client who is going to live with the piece. It is important to me that I honor their input and create a piece that they will truly love and enjoy for the long term.”Thanks again for reading our second installment, Meet the Artist Series: Jenny Kruger.

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