Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculpture Testimonials


Denny and I are thrilled with the Double Helix Sail and Agave, and so appreciate your great service. We’ll be ordering two more soon for our vacation home, where we’re sure they’ll look terrific!
—Lillian and Denny Mullinix, Laguna Beach, CA

I ordered my Tulip online and received a confirmation immediately. The piece arrived on time and is fantastic! Lyman Whitaker’s Wind Sculptures aren’t just well crafted, they’re also beautifully engineered.
—Alice Kramer, Naples, FL

We adore the Desert Flame and Twister Oval—one in front and one in back. Leopold shipped our wind spinners efficiently, and Paul even sent us a great bottle of red wine.
—Harold and Patricia Carlson, Sonoma, CA

The wind sculptures have proven incredibly soothing for our patients and their families.
——Elaine McIntosh, CEO, Kansas City Hospice and Palliative Care

The kinetic sculpture arrived three days early for my wife’s birthday. She was so surprised, and really loves the piece.
—Steve Bushman, Boston, MA

I always wanted a series of garden spinners, dropped Leopold an email, and found the staff incredibly helpful–including with placement and sizes. I wound up ordering twelve pieces, and now we have our wind forest.
—Olivia and Robert Lawrence, Oxford, England

The installer was very knowledgeable about where to place the wind sculptures, and did a great job. It’s always soothing to see the Double Spinner and Twister Oval after a long day at work.
—Jeff Sanders, Kansas City, MO

Everything is great. Sculptures arrived early, no scrapes or bruises. Both look amazing. They spin non-stop. Couldn’t be happier.
—Larry Price Oroville, CA