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Wind Sculptures by Lyman Whitaker

KCPT Film about my foundation for teenage artists from the inner city.

Art on the Block is a 20-minute documentary that has been praised in the Kansas City Star, and other papers, for how it captures the passion of the H&R Block Art Program. This project, structured by Paul Dorrell, was designed to prove that world-class work can come from any region, if artists are simply given appropriate opportunity. The film shows ten commissioned artists at work, from the beginning of each concept, to the complications of creation and installation, to the grand opening.

The film was created by Professor Daven Gee and eight of his students through the UMKC Department of Communication Studies. To acquire a DVD or request a presentation, please contact Professor Gee at 816-305-4738 or

Part 1- Art on the Block

Part 2- Art on the Block

Part 3- Art on the Block

Part 4- Art on the Block

Installation of Glass Sculpture at Sprint Center

Paul Dorrell Interviewed on NBC6 Miami during his Book Tour

Paul Dorrell Interviewed on Art Street, Miami Public Television during his Book Tour.

Part 1- Paul Dorrell Interviewed on KCPT

Part 2- Paul Dorrell Interviewed on KCPT

Part 3- Paul Dorrell Interviewed on KCPT