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The Leopold Gallery Educational Foundation underwrites the financial needs of Paseo Academy and Sumner Academy in Kansas City. Both of these are stellar urban schools that, without our assistance, would not be able to afford computers, books and art supplies, or properly prepare their students for college—and getting those kids into college is our primary goal.

Since 2006 we have taken roughly 1200 students on educational field trips, and have helped some 500 enroll in various universities. Working with their teachers and parents, we’ve had a significant impact. Please go to this link if you’d like to donate to this worthy cause. Our foundation is sponsored by the Greater Kansas City Charitable Foundation.

Leopold Foundation

“Paul works hard to help students who are economically disadvantaged, yet who have a wealth of potential in our community. He labors to help them achieve their dreams—and delivers. ”

—Mary Ann Sit, Department Chair, Sumner Academy of Arts and Science

Local KCPT Segment

The Local Show segment, KCPT Film about Paul’s foundation for teenage artists.

What people are saying…

“Paul has been our strongest source of community support and professional mentoring. He has a genuine concern for our students and works hard to make a real difference in their lives.”

— Pamela Sahl, Department Chair, Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts.

Leopold Foundation
Leopold Foundation
Leopold Foundation
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Leopold Foundation



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