You’re Invited to Leopold’s First Artist Reception 2017

You’re Invited to Leopold’s First Artist Reception 2017!

You got plans this Friday? Change ’em. Leopold’s having our first artist reception 2017! It’s an excuse to party.

You know what that means: Great art. Bad wine (but lots of it). And plenty of inspiration to be had. It’s our first one this year, so it’s gonna be a good one.

First Artist Reception 2017 First Artist Reception 2017

I know we’re running late on hosting a reception. I mean, who waits to host their first show of the year until April? Well, we do. We’ve just been a little busy, what with several massive installations around country. 

No worries, Kansas City. We have not forgotten you.  As always, our artists are regional. KC Pride. Take a look at our features artists:

Louis Copt — Brilliant landscape painter from Lawrence, KS. Copt is dedicated to capturing the unknown wonder of his region. Rather than capture the exact likeness of his subject, he chooses to portray its spirit. 

First Artist Reception 2017

Nancy Teague — Nancy comes from Omaha. A wonderfully talented abstract painter. Her use of color is intentional and deep. Every stroke in each painting is essential to capturing the beauty. Her bold uses of color makes her a wonderful addition to the Midwestern contemporary art scene.

First Artist Reception 2017

MJ Rigby — Born in Canada, Rigby lives in Kansas City now (we think he’s better off). He has been pushing his creative boundaries for years. His work is displayed throughout the states. Rigby is famous for his method of painting vivid colors on illuminated glass. You have to see it. We can’t post a picture that will do it justice.

First Artist Reception 2017

Jacob Burmood — A professor and a sculptor, Burmood’s career is rapidly ascending with every piece he casts. Jacob uses cold-cast aluminum, a process where he coats resin in a metal finish. That doesn’t mean he’s afraid of different mediums and methods. 

First Artist Reception 2017

It’s going to be an amazing show. Don’t miss it.