William Lobdell Biography

William Lobdell has been sculpting professionally since 1990.  He attended the Kansas City Art Institute, finishing his studies there in 1988, and has since become recognized as a singularly unique artist who combines the skills of a painter with those of a sculptor.  

The art critic for New York Sun, Maureen Mullarkey, once called Leopold and asked whether William had influenced the legendary painter Wayne Thiebaud—not realizing that the influence had been the other way around.  

William has placed work with H&R Block, The Kansas City Royals, Saint Luke’s Hospital, Fishnet Security, KCP&L, Seigfreid Bingham LP, and private collectors throughout the Midwest. Many of the works he has placed with corporate collectors have been site-specific commissions.

William’s process is to insert multiple found objects into each mixed media sculpture. Through the employment of these objects (micropchips, bottle caps, screws, etc.), and his tendency to utilize forced perspective, his manner of treating urban scenes is unique. The process is labor-intensive, with some of the larger works requiring months to complete. Media include wood, foam core, gatorboard and acrylic paint.

William recently began focusing on street scenes of New York and San Francisco, with the intent of working with galleries in those cities in the near future.