Regier Sculpture Biography

Arlie Regier, 1931-2014, was a renowned sculptor who worked largely with stainless steel elements that he discovered in scrapyards. In the early 1960s he studied under the noted sculptor Richard Stankiewicz in New York, and later took his degree from Colorado State University. His son Dave Regier has been creating his own work since 1996. Both artists worked together for nearly twenty years.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston acquired one of their works in 2007. Other collectors include H&R Block; DeBruce Grain; A. Zahner Company; the City of Kansas City, MO; University of Kansas Hospital, the late British Author Douglas Adams, and private collectors in cities worldwide, including Miami, Hong Kong, Denver, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tokyo, and Berlin. Two of the Regiers’ monumental works are also in the permanent collection of the Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland, CO.

The Regiers have shown their work with galleries in Santa Fe, Vail, San Francisco, Carmel, and of course Leopold in Kansas City.  

Regier sculptures vary in height from 1’ to 15’, and can interpret concepts as diverse as the high-tech revolution, ancient cultures or America’s agrarian traditions. The works reflect a level of craft and discipline that is unique in the art world.

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