Nicholas Kriefall Biography

Born and raised in Missouri, Kriefall has had a passion for art since the age of four and "helped" his mother with her final when she was an art student. Looking at the yellow addition to her black and white charcoal drawing, instead of being scolded, Kriefall's mother simply took the marker and led him to a blank sheet of paper. After that, whether it was drawing a doodle in a class notebook, or the self-made comic books that filled his bedroom drawers, Kriefall couldn't slow down. It wasn't until his later years in college Kriefall learned he had an interest in painting. Slowly, his work became more abstract and the themes and palette changed.

Though a native to the Midwest, Kriefall has always felt drawn to the sea - an allure that stemmed from childhood trips to the coast and a young introduction to snorkeling. Other subjects that fascinated him include: learning about Hemmingway through his father, his tale of an old man battling the elements beyond him, and the truth that we know more about foreign planets than our own, sea life and its encompassing mystery.

Kriefall's current collection deals with the relationship between land and sea, whether hostile or dependent, and the delicate balance of one's need for the other, as well as those that call this union home.  Using colors, shapes and texture over multiple layers, Kriefall explores the comfort and animosity of the place revisited or newly imagined, continuously experimenting with these elements and incorporating a certain emotion with each piece as a map spills from mind to canvas.

Kriefall has been represented and exhibited by galleries in Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City and St. Louis.