Michael Moran Biography

I began working with glass in 1989 shortly after graduating with a master's degree in architecture. I worked as an assistant for an experienced glass artist and took evening classes at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. In the first 10 years of my work, I pursued glass arts as an avocation while building my career in architecture. My work during this period was sculptural and experimental.

Presently my work in glass arts is focused on both design and discovery. Therefore, I am concerned with building mastery in the craft through the development and production of innovative glassware, all the while searching for the forms, colors and compositions that clearly express my obsessions. This includes a love of platonic geometry, space and patterns; a paradoxical affinity with the fluid and chaotic form of hot glass; and entranced interest in vivid, saturated colors. I delight in making things that are useful and beautiful, but also love making sculptural and imaginative objects that are open to impressions and interpretation.

When I am thinking about what I may want to make with glass, I'm not looking for something real to reproduce. My focus lies somewhere in the vast territory between "copy" and "inspiration." I want to convey the essential qualities of what I see and experience in the world. Whatever inspires me, I study and take into my own imagination. When I work, I work to express these things with an intuitive response through the glass. While I do labor with technique, experimentation, failure, and evolution, I try to avoid getting fixated on specific details of what is seen, and work to reveal something of what the glass can do and what my hands are capable of. I hope that those who examine my work will have will have a lively and imaginative experience viewing and interacting with the objects I have presented.