Martin Cail Biography

Martin Cail is a sculptor and painter working primarily in large energetic ink washes. Holding a BFA from the University of Central Missouri and an MFA from Ohio State, Cail has worked as an art Preparator for both the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Cail has custom crafted his own inks, techniques, and tools to find a body of work that blends his visual interests in stained glass, ceramic glazes, and watercolor with aspects of both science and spirituality. The fluidity of the materials, process and technique provide for curves and billows, reminscent of both the human body and of nature at both a macro and micro level. Gravity is often his "brush" and he finds a sensuality in controlling the flow of liquid bodies that slip, slide caress, and blend.

Cail employs intuition and trust to follow the whispers of knowing that arise from the unknown parts of our being. The sould has a memory and the process of making each image provides a means of grappling towards an encounter with this sixth sense. Cail is interested in what it is to be human, to be a vessel of self-aware energy incarnate, whirling through an infinite state of flux. We mark our paths through this flux with memories that stick; ingrained, vivid, certain, these seemingly random moments are the shapers of our lives. Cail's work aspires to bear witness to these moments of sublime knowing and emotion.