Jerry Moon Biography

Jerry Moon was born in 1961 in England to an American father and British mother. He spent most of his childhood in England and moved to the U.S. permanently in 1973. Jerry studied painting at the Kansas City Art Institute, graduating in 1986, whereupon he was hired by Hallmark Cards and has worked in the graphics department ever since.

Jerry has been painting professionally since 1990. Until recently he painted only in egg tempera. A demanding technique dating back to the Ancient Greeks, this medium utilizes egg yolks and pigment. Thomas Hart Benton painted his best known murals in tempera—a medium that has been largely abandoned because of its difficulty.  

In recent years Jerry has begun to work in oils, which allow him greater freedom than the rigors of tempera.  His focus now is in interpreting the Midwest with a unique rendering of clouds and landscape that is rooted in both the real and the surreal worlds.  It is this style that has brought him his audience, and many commissions.

Jerry’s collectors include H&R Block, Hallmark, the Overland Park Convention Center, BKD, and private collectors throughout the Midwest.