James Borger Biography

James Borger has been painting professionally for twenty years.  His work has recently ventured away from strictly landscape painting into a plane somewhere between landscape and still life, which he calls “Stillscapes.” Attempting to create still lifes that are a natural extension of the landscape, Jim has stripped down the foreground components to represent simplified groupings that find symbolism in the agrarian culture. The fragile foods of the still life are liberated from their traditional interior confinement and reunited with the land of their origin.
The still lifes rest on draped fabrics mimicking the folds and planes of the land.It is important for the work to be believable, but also transcend the pictorial subject matter. In some cases the still life objects take on a narrative expression, providing an undercurrent to the contemplative paintings. Juxtaposed clouds contrast with the fruit and provide a moment of ambiguity. The background clouds and landscapes become as important as the foreground objects in the compositional architecture of the painting.Jim works in oils, and has private and corporate collectors throughout the Midwest, including Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal, LLP.