Ed Pennebaker Biography

Ed Pennebaker has been blowing hot glass since 1979. Collectors include the White House in Washington, DC, BKD LLP, Saint Luke’s Hospital, Kansas State University, the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion, and private collectors in FL, CO, NM, CA and dozens of other states.

Ed primarily makes Art Glass by using traditional offhand glassblowing techniques. He blows all his own glass in his studio near Eureka Springs, AR.

Ed has built his own furnaces, glory holes and annealing ovens over the years, and has fabricated a great many of his own tools as well. His intent in working with glass is to show its fluid qualities and its interaction with light. He derives much of his inspiration from the garden and the forest surrounding his home and studio.

Ed sees his chandeliers and sconces as belonging to a contemporary line of decorative arts that evolved from the Arts and Crafts Movement, where craftsmanship is of the utmost importance. Striving for the “perfect object” is the goal of the craftsman/designer, and working directly with the materials at hand provides the greatest satisfaction for Ed in striving for that elusive goal.