Dave Regier Biography

Dave Regier has been sculpting in stainless steel for over 22 years. He started in his Corpus Christi, Texas garage in 1996. Success led to a true studio space, which was again upgraded to a larger space in 2007. In 2014 Dave and his wife Verna moved to Kansas City to be near their family.

Dave was raised in Overland Park, Kansas, by an industrial arts teacher and an elementary school teacher. His childhood involved a strong sense of family and faith, as well as violin lessons and photography classes. His father taught design, welding, car restoration and contemporary art. That process involved many elements, including a gleeful wonder at how complicated mechanical things work. Dave's father, Arlie, studied under Richard Stankiewicz, who was a noted assemblage artist.

After completing a photojournalism degree at the University of Kansas, Dave worked for the 'St. Louis Post Dispatch', Sherwin Williams, Southwest Airlines and Commerical Coach works. During this time Dave continued with his photography, classical violin and his love of flight. In 1996 Arlie Regier invited Dave to apprentice with him and thus began he next generation of Regier art.

Dave has had the opportunity to place many contemporary pieces in galleries, as well as various public and private collections. These pieces have ranged in size from 6 inches to 15 feet. Each reflected his love of polished stainless steel and his ability to curve and wind the steel in such a way that it reflects upon itself. Central to his design themes are areas of intricate pieces that become a solid surface and entice the mind to see shape in a unique way.

In 1999 Dave first translated his love of the violin into polished steel. From this piece he has continued to create others that have a recognizable shape with intricate abstract designs incorporated within the sculpture. These pieces reflect his continuing love of music, flight and mother nature.