Brent Collins Biography

Brent Collins has been sculpting since 1968.  He creates wooden patterns for his works by hand, then makes bronze castings from the patterns, many of which represent mathematical equations.  On first seeing his work, several collectors have assumed that the sculpting was guided by software, finding it difficult to believe that an artist could create such complex, symmetrical sculptures with common woodworking tools alone.

Brent’s sculpture has been collected by H&R Block, Warner Brothers, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Michigan, Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and various corporations and private collectors around the country.  

Brent has lectured at Microsoft, MIT, Stanford University, and scores of other prestigious institutions.  In June of 2008 Art Calendar Magazine did a feature on his work, using one of his pieces for their cover.

Two of Brent’s works will be featured in the new Warner Brothers film, “Watchmen,” directed by Zach Snyder, also the director of “300.”  The film will premiere in 2009.  The pieces featured in it are Atomic Flower and Hyperbolic Hexagon II.  Brent’s first Los Angeles exhibit will open in the spring of 2009.