Baker-Feinstein Biography

Gloria grew up in Kentucky. It seems she was always taking pictures. She moved to Madison, Wisconsin after high school and obtained a BA in Communication Arts and a Master's degree in Photography/Graphic Design. Shortly after relocating to Kansas City in 1980, she opened the Baker Gallery, specializing in the exhibition and sale of 20th century fine art photography, and she had two children.

     At that point Feinstein made a conscious decision to move her own image making to the back burner. Fourteen years later, on her fortieth birthday, she decided to start making photographs again and dusted off her Hasselblad to do just that. Now fifty-three, she has completed several bodies of photographic work which have been exhibited and published on a national level.

     Shortly after her return from a 2006 trip to east Africa, she established a non-profit organization to assist Ugandan children who have become orphans due to HIV/AIDS and civil war.