Addison Hanna Biography

The fluid nature of glass attracted my eye at the early age of fifteen, and I became captivated by the art of glassblowing. Quickly, it engulfed my life, and constant practice allowed me to gain the skills, knowledge and desire to further my career.

I began studying glassblowing at Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas. It was there where my understanding of the medium grew as I was able to study under numerous professional artists and travel to studios throughout the United States. My career working with glass has been heavily influenced by the Venetian style of glassmaking, to build the technical skill required to express myself within the material.

In my current work I am trying to take glassmaking and transform it through form and texture to create more of a primal feeling of being one with the Earth. Replicating nature is my personal way of paying homage to an intricate system of which I am only a small, and grateful part.