Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures

Lyman Whitaker is the original creator of Wind Sculptures©, which are designed to last for generations. Each piece is soothing. Click on any photo to view a video. We ship worldwide, and promise you’ll love your acquisition. Please contact us if you’ve any questions; we’ll keep things simple. You deserve one of the best-made kinetic works on the planet!

We adore the Desert Flame and Twister Oval—one in front and one in back. Leopold shipped our wind spinners efficiently, and Paul even sent us a great bottle of wine —Harold and Patricia Carlson, Sonoma, CA.

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You have my personal guarantee that your private information will not be shared in any manner whatsoever.       

—Paul Dorrell, President and Founder

Lyman Whitaker

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Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures

Lyman_WhitakerLYMAN WHITAKER is the ORIGINAL CREATOR OF WIND SCULPTURES, in fact the most recognized creator of kinetic sculptures in the world. His designs include Double Helix, Double Spinner, and Desert Flame. Lyman’s copper wind spinners are extremely durable and last for decades.

We have placed Lyman’s hand-crafted works with collectors across America and Europe as well as with the City of San Clemente, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and the Naples Art Association. While some inferior imports try to copy Lyman’s designs, they are not nearly as durable or unique, do not come with a warranty, and often do not even work.

We offer discounts on acquisitions of more than one, and shipping is inexpensive. The works themselves are reasonably priced given that they’re created by hand; in fact Lyman’s prices haven’t risen in over a decade. Please view the photos/videos of the wind spinners, and contact us to learn more: 816.333.3111 /

Each work is warranted for decades. We’d be honored to have you as a client, and promise you’ll love your Whitaker. Some people call them Whirligigs, but we just call them Wind Sculptures, Wind Spinners, or Kinetic Sculptures.