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Wind Sculpture Forest

Lyman WhitakerLyman Whitaker has been a practicing sculptor for over 40 years, dedicating much of his time to the creation of Wind Sculptures.  He has become the most recognized name in the creation of Wind Machines with works such as Double Helix, Agave, Double Spinner, Desert Flame and Star Dancer receiving international recognition.  Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures can be viewed from any angle, and are as soothing and calming as they are aesthetically unique.

Often called Kinetic Sculptures, Lyman's wind sculptures reflect an organic theme that reflect his philosophies.  As an artist, his strongest wish is to have his artwork symbolize civilization creating a more harmonious relationship with the earth.  Lyman's works are organic like trees, and are enjoyed best in settings where they are viewed over time.

His sculptures are often displayed in Wind Sculpture Forests, but can be just as powerful as solitary installations.  Lyman’s works are in public and private collections throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.